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      Jiangsu Phoenix House.Ltd., originally named Jiangsu Ancient Books Publishing House Co. Ltd., was established in March, 1984. It is a professional publishing company that mainly edits and publishes Chinese literature, history, and philosophy ancient books.Approved by General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of Chinaits name was changed to Phoenix Publishing House Co. Ltd. in October 2002,and transformed into Ltd. in September 2008.

      Since its establishment for nearly 30 years, the Phoenix Books.Ltd. always clings to the Chinese conditional culture and highlights the publishing ideas of heritage of civilization, communicating the culture, public service and contributions to academic studies. For always adhering to the professional publishing direction and focusing on creating the Ancient Books, historical documents, archives ,academic research, professional popularity and local cultures of several major parts, the Phoenix House. Ltd. has published a large number of projects with both professional features and local characteristics, especially at home and abroad affection in the market. These books have produced a great impact and received full affirmation by the academic and the publishing industry. In 2006, the book “Quan Yuan Wen,” a large literature collection of Yuan Dynasty which took 17 years to finish, won the first China Award for Excellent Publications Nomination Award. In 2007, the book “Ce Fu Yuan Gui,” which was renowned as the number one of the “Four Great Books ” of Song Dynasty, won the first China Publishing Government Award. In 2008, the latest research results of Lu Ji text "Lu Shiheng Anthology Annotation" won the second China Award for Excellent Publications Nomination Award. In 2010, the Jiangsu Scholars Anthology Project “Zhao Yi Complete Works” won the second China Publishing Government Nomination Award. In 2011, “A Brief History of Taiwan” was selected as “three One-Hundred” Original publishing works.


      亚洲 日韩 无码 动漫 欧美